Month: December 2016

Letting people in (remote support)

The fake call

I want to start todays blog post off with what there are lots of videos and reports on the Internet of fake calls from someone claiming to be “Microsoft”. Microsoft technical support will not call you, unless you have specifically called them and requested a call back. A call from Mr or Mrs X telling you they’re from Microsoft or from your ISP are 99% fake. Be aware! And yes, they might be able to show you errors on your computer, every computer has them and they survive just fine with them. You probably won’t notice an error. I looked at my event viewer just now and I have 84 logged errors. I’m not worried at all about them.

But it’s so easy to let them take control, It’s only £45

It maybe, it may seem like you’re having errors fixed with a quick 20-minute call and remote session. Let’s just assume they have good intentions and get rid of some malware that’s been plaguing you. What guarantee have you got that it’s gone? What if they’ve attacked and gotten rid of only part of the malware? Are they going to charge you another £45 next time, so that’s £90 they’ve gotten from you, as well as your credit card details if they had bad intentions you could face some serious billing!

I have errors?

Every computer has errors; I have looked at my event viewer and selected the application log errors. I have an error back from October that says…

It doesn’t mean my PC is going to crash or die. It just means that an application I was running back in October had a problem. Computers can be attacked a lot

Be smart

If someone calls you and claims to be from Microsoft, ask yourself, have you requested their call? How did they get your number?

If you haven’t given your number to Microsoft, how are they calling you?

Have you reported any TICKET with Microsoft, this is when you call Microsoft support and get a ticket number? If no, then the call you’ve got ISN’T from Microsoft!

Yes, I’ve heard Microsoft do charge for support on their phone calls. But there is a big difference between using actual Microsoft compared with some people that just call you out of the blue.


Here is a youtuber who has encountered a scammer who claims to be from Microsoft.

How to stop them?

Be smart, don’t believe someone because they are on the phone to you!

Have you CALLED Microsoft for support recently? Remember, if you “send report” if your computer has an error this does NOT initiate a call from Microsoft!

Only let them in if you’ve called them and asked for support. Get the number from the vendors’ website, don’t just trust google. Type into the address bar and find their contact details.

Perhaps use a local and trusted computer company. Look for reviews of that company on Speak to them and see if they will do a no fix, no fee service, the local touch is much better than that of a person who doesn’t get the whole picture as they are hundreds or thousands of miles away.