Month: July 2017

Google Glass to make a comeback in Glass 2.0

Google Glass, as a consumer product never really worked or took off. Now with some hard work it is to return, targeted this time at the enterprise business. The large businesses who carry out manufacturing or are a large logistic workforce.

It claims it can reduce time scale for a production line according to their website:

You’ll be able to get in contact with a partner of Google to learn more about Glass:

It’ll have better battery life, better MegaPixel count (from 5MP to 8MP), a more powerful processor, better wifi connectivity and also the camera button now doubles as a method to detach the electronics from their frame, making it easier to attach them to prescription or safety glasses

Security warning over – time to change your password!

Have a account? You should probably change your password.

The site that people can search for data published by the government has discovered, after a data security review, that some usernames and passwords were placed on a publicly accessible resource.

Following quote is taken from the BBC site: (

A GDS spokeswoman told the BBC that the breach had affected only accounts, and people with separate accounts for other government websites were not affected.

She said only email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords were implicated, rather than personal information such as names and addresses.

Hashed passwords are not massively secure, but certainly more secure than clear text passwords. It all depends on the algorithm that is used. But the BBC site also reports that users will need to change their passwords next time they login.

The Computer Saint would also advise changing your password, if the same, on any other services. So if you login with the same details to Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc then you should change your password.

You should also keep an eye for fraudulent emails, if you suspect an email is fraudulent then you should contact the website in question and not via the email you’ve just got. Go to the actual website via a browser.

Aquila Drone: 2nd test flight a success!

Facebook Drone: Aquila has successfully completed it’s 2nd test flight. Where as the 1st drone broke up on landing the 2nd incarnation was all good at landing and stayed in the air for 1hr 46minutes.

When complete the drone is pencilled to be able to stay in flight for around 2 months.

It is solar powered and will be designed to bring Internet to remote areas.

It is a good idea, however some remote areas might have a poor weather, so if the drone cannot handle winds and rain and other weather patterns I could see this being good for all areas. But there are lots of places that could certainly benefit from this technology

Read more about it on Facebook site