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We have 3 machines that are base models, however you can ask us to make any configuration machine for your wishes. We can modify PC's to your taste also. Please, just ask us.

Our Fundamental PC is a machine for a basic user. Maybe someone who needs to use an office application and check their social media now and again. If you need a machine where you want to do more we'd recommend looking at our Awesome or Imense machines.

We do use great PC parts for this machine but the upgrade ability is often limited so in 6 months, 2 years or 4 years or when ever you decide to upgrade you might only have a limited amount you can upgrade by.

Our Awesome machine is a next step up from the Fundamental machine. It is a machine that improve in specification over the Fundamental (however we still pick the best components we've found for the machines) and we don't put a cheap power supply in there to save £10.

Our Imense is our top of the line machine. It is not by any means the best machine in the world, however, it can be upgraded to be one of the best. Our Imense model has great performance and parts as well as plenty of storage space and great flexibility for upgrading in the future.

Please visit our shop if you wish to purchase this machine

Or email sales@thecomputersaint.com if you have any further questions on what might be the best options / upgrades / downgrades for you and your needs.