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Apart from the main services we offer: computer creation, computer modifying, website hosting, support services and general sales of various items we can undertake a great deal of different work.

We have skills in all areas of computing including: PBX installing, Cisco products, Riverbed Products.

If it's not a particular vendor advice or support you are in need of we also can help with physical products, such as Business Card CD's and consultation services in a wide varierty of technologies and subjects. For example, we can consult on Wireless technologies for your shop, restaurant, building, event and the different connections you could choose for Internet connectivity.

Business Card CD's

These are Business card size and therefor fit into a wallet (although they are thicker) but you can put either a sound file (MP3 or WAV), presentation or even a short movie on them.

This can promote your business in a whole new way. It will give your customers a more interesting and memorable experience with you.

Website Services

We have created this and other websites in the past, obviously websites are different for everyone out there. Some require a static sales page and some might need an ASP.NET site with some certificates created for them. What ever your needs please contact us and we can walk you through what we could do.