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The problem with Ad-blocker software

So, we are quite happy to watch free content. Oh no, a little overlaid image comes up showing us an image for a new perfume, job site or some new car offered to us by various companies. Or maybe we’re distracted by an advert for 20 seconds while we wait for our program to start.
This is how the free content platforms make their money. They show us adverts and then they get revenue. If we all start using ad-blockers then the companies like youtube will lose revenue as the ROI on the advertising campaigns will be a longer period of time or lower monetary value.
This is the problem, if Youtube and other video sites didn’t have that income the free content we take for granted now will dry up, disappear, shrink and we’ll need to start paying for content. Or they’ll invent a new way of putting adverts into the content we watch.
I don’t use ad-blocker software as I do see an advert that is useful from time to time. But I do believe we should just watch them and as long as they don’t become to overbearing then it’s OK.
I do like 4OD now and again, but I do find the adverts on there to be a little too long.
So, don’t use ad-blocker software, unless you really are the impatient type who can’t wait 5 seconds to skip to the video.