iPad, iPhone, Mac Book and Apple Watch devices are locked for ransom!

It has come to light from middle of September that there has been attacks on apple devices.

The attack manifests itself as a malicious person getting through the security of users’ icloud account using the “Find My Device” feature.

The malicious person will set a specific device to “lock”, this will enable the iPad, Apple Watch, Mac Book or iPhone to be locked, in theory so a thief can’t access the data and make the device unusable and once you have the device back in the correct persons hand you’ll then input the code to make it all work again.
Except in this circumstance people are seeing a message along the lines for “pay me X.XBTC to address XYZ and I’ll send you a code to unlock”.

The hacked accounts are often users who use the same passwords for different sites, where those sites might have been compromised. It is advisable to change your icloud login details to something else if you are a person who uses the same logins for different sites.


Some people and sites are advising to disable the “find my” device service, but that rather defeats the object of the service. However as some have also pointed out Mat Honan (Journalist) was hacked after a successful attack after someone called the Apple support to change his password with his billing address and his last 4 digits of his credit card. You can read about that below.

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

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